"A Master Craftsman"

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Merv is a retired builder with a hobby like no other.  He has turned the saying "Good Things Come In Small Packages" into a collection of tiny detailed fully working miniature woodworking tools. 

The detail shown on these miniatures can only come from a tradesman with a passion and dedication to his craft.   

The timber used for making the miniatures include mulga, gidgee and dead finish.  These are all inland hardwood with mulga being Merv's timber of choice due to the natural oil it contains.  Brass sets off each tool with a gleaming finish and the steel provides strength for a fully working sharpened miniature blade.

Merv can spend up to 2 days hand making a miniature with the aid of a wide range of files and drills.  His favourite miniature to make would be the plane as this involves a myriad of skills and timbers and is the most challenging.  This particular tool needs to be seen to be believed and is detailed right down to the perfectly dove tailed merging of brass into steel. 

The original scale size was 1:4 and as the sets progressed, he ventured even smaller to 1:6 and 1:8.  Merv finds the 1:8 size the most challenging and this is the scale he prefers.

Merv proudly shows his miniatures to whomever shows an interest and many of his works are given as gifts, lovingly displayed in toolbox cases boxes made from Red Cedar or Maple.
Many of Merv's tools are available for purchase in large or small sets.
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